Phil Finch was true original


To The Editor:
I am writing to let you folks “up there” know that a “close to the city” guy down here deeply mourns the passing of his good friend Phil Finch.

I met Phil 25 years ago when he and his son Nicky came to our place on Hardscrabble Road to talk about building us a pond. We don’t know what happened but we somehow connected and became instant buddies even though he was about 10 years older than me.

It was Phil who, before I became president of Roxbury Arts Group, warned me not to let those “artsy fartsy” folks suck me in ’cause they’d eat me up. I, of course, didn’t listen and they did, and they did…with some pretty good results, however. Phil and I laughed a lot about that.

I will sure miss our walks and talks with our dogs up Pleasant Valley Brook and elsewhere, our occasional breakfasts or lunches at Bud’s and occasional dinner at our house with him and Barbara.
We sold our house in Roxbury about 10 years ago, but Phil and I stayed continuously in touch with hour-long phone calls, which our wives had to finally drag us off of.

He was a great guy, a true original and I consider myself lucky and privileged to have been his friend.

I miss him already.

Jeff Burstein,
Cold Spring