Permitting process stalls renovations at Freshtown

By Brian Sweeney
Work on repairing Margaretville’s Freshtown Supermarket has stalled while the owners await permitting approvals for the renovations to the flood-damaged store.

Vice President of PSK Supermarkets Noah Katz told the News this week that all work must receive approvals from the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) because the building is in a flood plain.

Mr. Katz said his company has hired an architect who is drawing up new plans for renovating Freshtown and rebuilding the adjacent CVS Pharmacy.

“We have temporarily stopped, because we are in the process of drafting plans for submission and review by the town,” Mr. Katz explained. “We’re having a little paperwork issue. It’s hit a little bit of a snag.”

He noted that the supermarket and CVS will basically remain the same size.

Earlier this month, Mr. Katz said his company was targeting having the supermarket reopened by Halloween. With renovations on hold, pending permit approval, he is uncertain of a reopening date.

“I don’t know exactly how long it’s going to take to get approvals from the DEP,” Mr. Katz said.
The Freshtown Supermarket and adjoining CVS Supermarket were among the local businesses hardest hit by the August 28 flood. Waters raged through the two stores, breaking out the large windows in front and creating an eerie waterfall effect as water relentlessly cascaded from the openings.

In a related matter, Margaretville Mayor Bill Stanton said that work is progressing on Bridge Street and he hopes that the road will be reopened some time next week.

The mayor indicated that the reopening of the northern section of Main Street (Route 30) is expected to take place as soon as the buildings along that stretch that have been declared unsafe have been stabilized. The mayor said he would like that section of road reopened at the same time as Bridge Street, if possible.