Pakatakan Art Colony focus of Erpf lecture

The public is invited to a lecture by Alice Zigelis on the Pakatakan Art Colony at The Catskill Center Erpf Gallery on Main Street in Arkville on Saturday, Sept. 13 at 3 p.m.
Alice Zigelis acquired the cottage of Edward Loyal Field in 1975 and became interested in American art.  E. Loyal Field, born in the 19th century, was a landscape artist in oil and watercolor.  He lived and painted in Arkville during the summer, studied art in France and fell under the influence of the Barbison School of Art.
The Pakatakan Art Colony was a turn-of-the-century gathering of artists who spent time in the small hamlet of Arkville.  The colony began prior to 1886 when a prominent landscape painter from New York City, J. Francis Murphy, found accommodations in Arkville and urged Peter Hoffman, a local businessman and proprietor of the house where he boarded, to build a hotel, which today is called The Pakatakan Hotel. 
Alice Zigelis will discuss her involvement with the artist colony beginning with her friendship with the descendants of Parker Mann whose house is next to hers.  She purchased the E. Loyal Field cottage with a lot of its contents, including artwork by various Pakatakan artists, memorabilia of Field and Wyant, and photos from the colony’s days of existence.  In the 1980s she was involved with The Catskill Center and board member Lawrence Newton in submitting the Pakatakan Art Colony for consideration as a historical landmark.
After majoring in classical languages in college, Alice taught Latin, Greek and ancient history at various colleges and high schools.  She retired from teaching Latin in Charlotte, NC.
The lecture is free to the public.