Organizers look to get in the swim with community pool, recreation complex

By Brian Sweeney
The organizers behind the Catskill Recreation Center have applied for a building permit for a proposed community swimming pool project in Arkville.
Representatives of Arkville resident Kingdon Gould Jr. and his family, who are spearheading the project, attended the Middletown Planning Board’s Aug. 13 meeting and presented updated plans.
The recreational complex has been in the planning stages for several years. The organizers have commissioned VIP Structures of Syracuse to develop several approaches to the project.
The original concept called for an indoor swimming pool with an adjacent year-round ice rink. After soliciting community input and conducting a project cost analysis, there was consideration of creating a seasonal outdoor pool.
Upon further study, the updated plans call for an enclosed, year-round pool with six lanes and a large wading pool section. The updated design would provide easy access doors to the outside during the summer months.
The facility would also include a large multi-purpose exercise room and a locker room.
Mr. Gould told the News last week that he and family are “costing out the price of the project and trying to put together a plan to establish the facility and an organization to run the facility. We’re in the formative stages.”
He added, “We have met with several YMCA operations and they are very excellent operators – the largest operators of swimming pools in the country.”
Mr. Gould said he and his family have toured YMCA swimming pool facilities in Guilderland and Bethlehem “to get a feel for the program and validate the design program – to make sure we’re not missing anything.”
He explained that, because of the relatively short outdoor swimming season, the decision was made to construct an enclosed facility. The first stage of the project will include only the pool, Mr. Gould said. He noted that, if funds permit, the ice rink will be added at a later time.
He said that the revised plans call for utilizing a geothermal heating system. While this technology is more expensive to install, it is very energy-efficient in the long term.
Mr. Gould said that a construction timetable cannot be established until firm pricing has been determined.
“When we get an approximate feel for what it costs, we can put together a construction timeline. We can’t start until we know what it’s going to cost us,” Mr. Gould commented.
The project is planned for a parcel of land along county Route 38 in Arkville.