Offers support for Judge Becker


To The Editor:
Judge Carl Becker has been the sitting Delaware County Court judge for 10 years and has an exemplary record of activities and accomplishments.

Judge Becker is a graduate of Clarkson University and Albany Law School. He has been our County judge, Family Court judge and Surrogate Court judge for the last 10 years and has attended numbers of continuing education courses over that time to further improve and enhance the operation of these courts.

Judge Becker has also been given the responsibility by the Appellate Division of State Supreme Court to act as a state Supreme Court justice since January, 2011, a testimony of the faith that the Appellate Division has placed in him.

He has had much experience handling Family Court cases (a County Court level responsibility) with more than 10,000 cases in his 10 years of service. Drug abuse is a major cause of people appearing before the Family Court as well as in the County Court where Judge Becker has presided over more than 800 felony prosecutions.

Judge Becker determined early on that due to the frequency of drug related cases that a Drug Treatment court was necessary (just look at the number of drug related arrests reported in the Catskill Mountain News “Area Police News” column). In 2004, after a year and a half of intensive training, he formed and then opened Delaware County’s first Drug Treatment Court with numbers of offenders receiving treatment and counseling instead of jail time with lower recidivism rates at lower costs to the County.

During his term the Court caseload has increased by 40% but staff was cut back from 5 clerks to 4 clerks in that time. Good management practices were employed so that services continue.
Judge Becker is a good man, a dedicated family man and community leader and volunteer. He describes his Court responsibility this way: “I pride myself on being impartial while being fair; there is a need for respect for the judicial system and order within society. But, if you break the rules there are consequences”.

Judge Becker is running on a record of accomplishments and dedication to the job. He deserves your vote and re-election on November 6th.

Cast your vote on November 6th for the full Republican ticket from Romney/Ryan to Congressman Gibson, Senator Seward, Assemblyman Lopez, and District Attorney Northrup, all highly qualified for those respective jobs.

Chuck Freas,
Republican Committee Chairman