Oct. 28, 2009: Treated poorly by police and press


To The Editor:
In the October 21 issue of the Catskill Mountain News, you reported on the continuing saga of a friend of mine, Thomas Filupeit. I know you have to report on local news and events that affect local residents but, it seems he has been singled out. I personally know of several other residents that have run into trouble with the law outside Delaware County without press coverage.
I have known Tom and his family for a long time. I even worked alongside Tom for several years. Tom has lived here his whole life but, has worked out of the area the last several years. Driving a truck for a living, Tom would sleep in his car a lot, which meant the inside of his car would contain almost anything. I don’t claim to know all the facts of the case but, I have a hard time believing he is guilty of what he is being charged with.
If you want to write about this case maybe you could find out why Tom has sat in jail since April and only now having been officially charged. What happened to the right of a speedy trial in the United States? In my opinion Tom has been treated poorly not only by the state of New Jersey but, by this paper.

Henry Friedman,