Oct. 28, 2009: Keep your head in a hole in the ground


To The Editor:
The recent letter from Ed Kirstein is a typical liberal “keep your head in the hole in the ground.” Why are liberals so afraid of Sarah Palin? Is it because she espouses democracy and will be a threat to the existing leftist political regime in power? We shall see!
Seems only talk radio is presenting truism, not the leftist propaganda from the White House and its minions. Recall the truths from Dan Rather, Charlie Gibson, Chris Matthews, and of course the bile from the mouth of James Carville, who is talking about facts and honesty?
The letter from the “local resident” was an excellent report on the Wagner family that worshiped the Nazi regime and its leader, so why criticize it? I have seen film media depicting that barbaric regime with young children singing praise of its murderous leader. What’s up with school children here singing “Barack Hussein Obama, uhumm, uhumm, uhumm?’ I cannot ever remember hearing songs about Ike, JFK, Nixon, Clinton. Political indoctrination?
Regarding the moral, religious critics of health care, the issue is the government cannot force a policy of this nature as it is not a constitutional mandate, it’s not their responsibility to enact such legislation and if Congress does pass legislation, those members will face not being re-elected and judicial challenges of its constitutionality will be made. There are enough social programs to help the needy without the Federal government intervention spending moneys that will bankrupt this country which it can default on its obligations.

Charles Kowalski,