Oct. 15, 2008: The party of FDR is our best bet


To The Editor:
Instead of using my 400-word limit urging folks to vote for Democrats, listing all of the wrongs of the “other guys,” I would rather like to give an insight into the hearts and minds of rural Democrats,  of which I am a proud part. We are all familiar with the stereotypes: the “liberal snob” or “flatlander,” descriptions which are more rhetoric than reality.  Rural Democrats in Delaware County are hardworking and fiscally conservative. Some are farmers, many are small business owners. We have good values,  families we take good care of; many are regular churchgoers.
Dennis Valente, Davenport Supervisor, says it best: “I am the Democrat your grandfather was.” We believe in liberty and equality.  We are the party of FDR during the Great Depression, the party of strong leaders and prosperity in our nation and our world.   We are the party of the people.
We are once again faced with a world that is out of control, and which no longer makes sense.  We, the Delaware County Democrats, strongly urge voters to support Congressman Maurice Hinchey and Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand.  We implore you to place the leadership of our country into the hands of Senator Obama who aspires to the level of greatness exhibited by Democratic presidents like Roosevelt, Kennedy, and Clinton; before our nation, as we know it, slips away forever.
We are in trouble. We need to take care of our elderly, who lack the basic services they need to age with dignity. We need to support the  young people who remain in our area, giving them hope and turning them from lives of crime, drugs, and despair. 
We are citizens who feel the responsibility to ensure the prosperity and dignity of all.  We are rural Democrats: It’s Your Vote, and Our Future. 

Cynthia Lockrow,
President of the Delaware County Democratic Committee