Oct. 14, 2009: Who sets the price for gasoline?


To The Editor:
It has bothered me for a long time, and never more so than lately with times being hard.
Every time I take a ride into Kingston I notice that the Hess Station on Route 28 before you get to the traffic circle charges anywhere from 15 to 20 cents a gallon less for regular gas than the price at our local Margaretville station.
I did contact Hess once and their answer was that they see themselves as only having to compete against other local stations. Well, around here there are only one or two left and they all are charging the same extra 20 cents. So, who is setting the price?
Why does gas cost so much more in Delaware County, notoriously, not one of New York’s more prosperous counties? And, if Hess is setting the price and taking advantage, isn’t it maybe time to start buying from other local stations?

Peter Lederman,