Oct. 14, 2009: Town of Shandaken is in dire straits


To The Editor:
Peter DiSclafani thinks everything in Shandaken is great!  Of course he does. He’s pulling down a taxpayer-funded salary and benefit package well in excess of $30,000 a year for a part-time job while still running his restaurant as he did before he was supervisor.   For the rest of us, life in Shandaken isn’t so rosy.
DiSclafani proposes a budget that will increase taxes, yet again – a budget that spends more money on dogs in Snuffy’s kennel than it does on senior citizens – a clear reflection of his priorities. His answer to our lack of cell service is to blame it on the economy and suggest we sign a petition.  He tells us that if we all volunteer more, we can keep our taxes down.  Both notions are as silly as they get.   The fact is that many Shandakenites work three or four jobs to make ends meet and have no time for petitions and volunteering.
DiSclafani’s big claim to fame is a county program, not a town program, our share of which will be pennies in our tax bill, if it gets us anything at all.  He does not explain what he’s done to build our economic base, or why he demanded $2,500 from a planning board applicant, deposited it in the general fund, then had to give it back with interest.  
He doesn’t explain the no-bid contracts he signed and paid for – contracts which might have cost less and gotten better service had they been bid.  
And after two years in office, he still can’t figure out what to do about the Phoenicia sewer system.
So unless you’re DiSclafani, earning more than $30,000 for a second, part-time job, Shandaken is NOT in good shape.  We’re in dire straits and re-electing Mr. DiSclafani won’t make things better.

Joan and Larry Bauer,
Big Indian