Oct. 1, 2008: Clean up "do nothing" Congress


To The Editor:
It’s appalling to me to see so many Americans wanting to return the same people back into Congress that have only a 10 percent or less approval rating and walk away from their job before it is finished, to go on vacation.
In the private sector how many of us would continue keeping someone on the payroll with a rating of 10 percent or less in their productivity?
For an example, the off shore drilling bill proposed by Congress at this time, would allow drilling 50 miles or more off our shores, knowing the best pockets of oil are much closer to shore. It seems that we are far more willing to buy from countries who hate us rather than drilling in our own abundant supply here at home, where it can be done environmentally safe and would make the U.S. less dependent on foreign oil.
Isn’t it time to clean house with our “do nothing Congress?”

David Taylor,
New Kingston