NY SAFE Act targeted at Delhi forum

By Cheryl Petersen
Along with many other volunteers, Stephen Morganstern handed out voter registrations, petitions, and information on the rights of firearm owners during last Saturday’s well-attended forum.
“I became active last summer,” said Morganstern. “Last August, there was a hostage incident in Bovina Center, right next door to our house. Catskill Mountain News covered the story well. The whole hostage incident was so unbelievable it got me active as a firearm owner.”
Stephen Morganstern, is now a member of the local chapter of the New York Revolution (NYR). The chapter organized the recent Delaware County SAFE ACT Forum, which drew about 300 persons, with 100 in standing room only, to the Delhi American Legion. Attendees listened to a line up of seasoned and rookie speakers. For more than three hours. Not a nodding head to be seen.
The intent of the forum was to educate and inform in regard to the NY SAFE Act.
Thirteen months ago, in response to violent school shootings, the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act, or NY SAFE Act was quickly passed in the late of night by the state legislature and signed by Governor Cuomo.

Many represented
Diverse political entities gathered at the Delhi Legion for the purpose of waking up Americans and restoring the initial purpose of the constitution, to ensure civil liberties and freedoms in the future.
The forum brought together an entourage of legislators and citizens ready to step over party lines for a common goal. Guest speaker, German born Ludwig Knapp, an American Patriot, ended the forum with his message regarding the risky direction America is taking.
“We do not advocate violence, but do stand for non-compliance to laws that take away our rights,” said George Curbelo, Stamford resident and New York Revolution (NYR) Lead State Coordinator.
From Glenmont, a voice of the Patriots, Melody Burns, said, “There is nothing safe about Cuomo’s gun law. Do not use their words. Say rather, it’s an unSAFE law.”
After encouraging the audience to speak out against the law, Burns warned that fighting for freedom comes at a cost. “I lost my talk radio job because I spoke out against Governor Cuomo,” added Burns. “So much for freedom of speech.”
Speakers from the NYR and another grass roots organization NY2A encouraged passive disobedience. “The political action we take can be non-compliance. Do not register your firearms,” said Lisa Donovan, NY2A member.
Also from NY2A, Jake Pamateer, explained, “The registration of guns sets up a pattern for future confiscation of your personal property. To counter this, the option is not to register your firearms.”
Relieving the worries that come with the non-compliance, Senator James Seward said, “Nothing authorizes a fee if you don’t register your firearms.”
Also brought to everyone’s attention was the fact that New York State Senator, Michael Nozzolio, introduced Senate Bill 5626 to repeal “Cuomo’s ill-conceived gun control” law while keeping intact the provision in law which mandates life without parole for anyone who murders an emergency responder. “A repeal is a long process and will take years,” said Senator Seward.
“The NY unSAFE Act does nothing to solve the problem of violence,” added Senator Seward. “It is only onerous restrictions placed on our law-abiding citizens who rightfully own firearms. As a legislator, I’d rather write laws that come down tougher on violent criminals and that treat the mental health problems.”
Delaware County Sheriff, Tom Mills, said, “The unSAFE Act does not address the bad people who use guns for violence. If violent people don’t have a gun, they will use another device. We need meaningful answers. We need to vote for and elect officials who work to change the mental health issues our country is dealing with now.”
NYR Coordinator, Gia Arnold, prompted the audience to brave up. “No more sitting in our comfortable houses,” said Arnold. “We can talk to our neighbors and campaign.”
Throughout the forum, words frequented often were: dictatorship, socialism, Emperor Andrew, vote, and the Constitution.
Congressman Gibson said, “The Founding Fathers brought forth the Constitution and the document has withstood the test of time. We will fight to be governed by the Constitution, not the state. A limited but effective government is what we stand for.”
Gibson added, “I voted ‘no’ on the NY unSAFE Act. And, I voted ‘no’ on Section 215 of the Patriot Act, because it violates the fourth amendment by searching without a warrant and without showing probable cause.”
Referring to a recent public comment by Governor Cuomo, who said conservatives can leave New York, Congressman Gibson said, “We are not leaving New York. We will vote and we will vote for the rights of everyone.”
Delaware County Undersheriff, Craig DuMond, said with passion, “I’m disgusted that our rights have been stripped away. Law enforcement is designed to uphold the constitution.”
Assemblyman, Pete Lopez, said, “We are at ground zero. After taking too much for granted, it is time we rouse from our apathy and focus our energy. We need to get over ourselves and be united. We can’t run away, because there is no place to hide. This is our America and we will take it back.”
Mark Tuthill, Town of Delhi Supervisor spoke, as did Jim Eisel, Delaware County Board of Supervisors Chairman, Assemblywoman, Claudia Tenney, Garland Walsh III, Ulster County Oathkeeper President, and Keven Sisson, Schoharie County Patriot.