Nov. 26, 2008: Stop the bailing and let it sink


To The Editor:
Belleayre Mountain Ski Center is a wonderful economic asset to our community and deserves expanded support from Albany. The proposed “Belleayre Resort” is a whole different animal.
Spin masters from the proposed resort keep mixing up the two – hoping you will be tricked into supporting the biggest bailout of big-time millionaires in the history of the Catskills.
They would like you to believe the ski area needs the resort but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, $5 million in state funds that were dedicated to improving the ski center a few years ago went up in smoke while they foolishly waited for this imaginary resort to be approved.
That money is gone. Now the developer wants us to bail him out with a cool $100 million to float his sinking ship. This is one boat they should stop bailing out and let sink.

Dave Channon,