Nov. 25, 2009: Political correctness is fashionable


To The Editor:
We, as a society, are wallowing in an ocean of Political Correctness. It has become fashionable with a few self rightist individuals but as it grows in status it becomes unwritten law within our society, with those who are declared as being not politically correct treated as ignorant and undesirable. PC is a declaration that particular ideas, expressions and behavior, which once was legal, are now frowned upon and those that do not embrace it are to be treated as vulgar bigots.
Plain speaking, freedom of choice and freedom of speech; were the society’s safe-guard against the imposition of tyranny, currently the reason given for this imposition is to prevent people being offended and to compel everyone to avoid using words or behavior that may upset “sensitive souls.” We quite naturally expect anyone who uses the same words as we do, to understand us and we them. This is all too frequently not the case. This generation wallows in PC. Some of this perversion of the language is conspiratorial but probably most of it is a part of the “feel good” atmosphere where all must happily exist without having to deal with the problems of reality.
The values that were expressed by their parents’ generation have become heresy. On one level it becomes the expression of infantile rebellion, the resentment of spoiled children, directed against their parents’ values. But on a much higher level it is the instrument of control for those, who define, control. We are slowly but firmly being herded into a society that is forced to embrace a single value.
A nation that jettisons the values that were established in the past by custom and beliefs, that wisdom had endorsed, is a nation heading for disaster. The need to be politically correct dominates all public and most private exchanges because of a fear of hurting “feelings.” The spirit of the First Amendment has already been corroded to a great degree by this acid called political correctness. You are free to praise, as long as it is directed to the right things. The not so subtle effect of PC is the erosion of our liberties.
What disturbs our masters the most is ideas. “Bad mouthing: is permissible as long as no idea is connected to it, an idea which might get people to think and thereby possibly motivate them to act. That’s a no-no and it must not be allowed to happen. Thus, the First Amendment has to go. That’s the objective, but I suspect that it will be retained in skeletal form so that a few will be allowed to dissent as was true in the other controlled society, the former Soviet Union. It will be interesting to see how the American people will be sold on the idea of accepting another shackle in the name of freedom.

Stuart E. Buswell,