Nov. 11, 2009: We are very lucky to have our hospital


To The Editor:
I am writing to let readers of the Catskill Mountain News be aware of how lucky we are to have Margaretville Hospital in our community. I have been to the emergency room three times in the past two decades and each time I have been treated with good, appropriate and professional care.
At the present time I visit the physical therapy department three days a week on the independent program for an irreversible condition that can only be ameliorated through continued therapy. The physical therapy department, under the supervision of Sasha Cyrelson and along with all her staff, is a delightful place to spend a small portion of my golden years. Sasha is bright, smiling, cordial and truly a professional in her field. She and the rest of the staff have a positive attitude and are always willing to assist people when they have questions about the apparatus or some personal need. The environment is such that all who participate seem to not only get a physical benefit but a psychological one as well. The atmosphere in the physical therapy department and in the hospital in general is uplifting to say the least, as all the hospital staff has a good and welcoming attitude.
We are a very lucky community to have Margaretville Hospital.

Jack McShane,