No public, only self interest


To The Editor:
I was both dismayed and disappointed to read the letter from Kingdon Gould Jr. in last week’s letters to the editor.

Mr. Gould’s thinly disguised threat that the preferred build out proposed for the Belleayre Ski Center be ruled out “mostly due to the lawsuits that will surely follow” is another way of saying, “Do it my way or I will use my considerable resources to force my way,” a statement more suited to a 19th-century robber baron than a self-professed concerned and caring resident.

Mr. Gould knows full well that the Eastern Alternative that he favors for Belleayre Ski Center is not feasible: was opposed by the residents of Pine Hill in years past; drains into the impacted Ashokan Reservoir, requires fresh cutting and clearing, and is adamantly opposed by NYC’s DEP and various environmental organizations.  Why even think of starting down this path when Highmount is largely ready, has trails in place and is a historic and zoned ski center?  Why object to the state’s purchase of this land when you are so in favor of its purchase of other lands?

Clearly it’s to stymie development of the ski center as well as the Belleayre Resort and keep people away from the Gould family’s private land preserve.  There is absolutely no public or community interest here, only self-interest.  The thousands and thousands of acres owned by the Gould family and its entities, every inch of which is posted and entry denied to common folks, does not seem enough.

Those like Mr. Gould, who have earned or been given so much should not begrudge the rest of us a chance to seek a better life and a fuller measure of prosperity.  The proposed investment of $74 million by New York in the Belleayre Ski Center along with the proposed investment of $364 million in the adjacent Belleayre Resort would provide us that chance.

I truly hope that Mr. Gould has a change of heart and decides to support the full expansion plans for the ski center and the neighboring resort.  His support, not opposition, would suit us all better.

Rosina M. Montana,