New winners crowned in Pine Hill Arms-Belleayre Triathlon

Pine Hill — More than 100 athletes entered the 18th Pine Hill Arms-Belleayre Triathlon this past Saturday representing five states. The ski portion of the race started at the top of Belleayre Mountain and finished at the lower lodge where the biking portion began with a climb to the top of Belleayre Village.
From that point the bikers raced downhill to the Hamlet of Pine Hill and from there the long climb back to Belleayre. The final leg of the race was the run from Belleayre through the streets of Pine Hill then out to Route 28 and finally ending at the Pine Hill Arms.
Eleven-time winner Mike Halstead was the pre-race favorite as none of the previous winners could make the race this year. However, with the warm weather causing soft and slow ski conditions, Mike was blasted away at the start by Brian Grodin who took a big lead after the ski section and never looked back winning by over just two minutes with a time of 56:03. Brian, from Middletown, improved from a fifth place finish last year that Mike won. Mike finished second with a time of 58:11. Third place went to Mark Ruoff, of Gardiner, who was four minutes behind Brian’s time.
Felicia Kearsley of Haines Falls was the top iron woman with a time of 1:10:57. Belleayre’s own ski instructor, Lydia Cheng from Riverdale took second place in only her second race with a time of 1:16:16. Third place went to Vanessa Holzmann, of Catskill, who was eight minutes behind the winner.
In the family category, the Walsh gang from Arkville took the top honors. In the 45 and over female team category 69-year-old Marianne Neuber in her 12th PHA triathlon took first with her daughter as her teammate. This is the first time Marianne did not participate as an iron woman due to a knee problem. In the 60 and over category, Bill Pape from Cottekill took first with a very respectable time of 1:10:51.
The race was followed by a banquet at the P.H.A. with over 175 racers, friends, and volunteers attending.

2010 Pine Hill Arms Triathlon overall race results
1:10:57 Felicia Kearsley
1:16:16 Lydia Cheng
1:19:12 Vanessa Holzmann
1:21:51 Laurel Okorofsky
1:23:00 Gretchen Nadasky
1:24:52 Katie Nault
1:26:24 Tara Nadasky
1:27:25 Lauren Feroli
1:28:35 Andrea Raisfeld
1:30:43 Zoe Elliott
1:32:50 Grace Fitzgerald
1:34:13 Felicia Graham
1:34:48 Allison Bernardini
1:35:12 Jackie Kuhls
1:35:45 Monika Korschatto
1:44:52 Emily Hayden
1:48:47 Clare Maltman

0:56:03 Brian Grodin
0:58:11 Mike Halstead
0:59:56 Mark Ruoff
1:03:52 Bill Irving
1:04:38 Gregg Gordon
1:06:52 Michael Bassett
1:07:05 Thomas Mcglade
1:07:56 Joshua Lader
1:08:25 Janek Szablinski
1:09:38 Christopher Johnson
1:09:51 Evan Bender
1:10:42 Chris Knortz
1:10:51 Bill Pape
1:12:12 Rob Fauber
1:12:13 Simon Martinez
1:13:49 Christopher Loftus
1:14:13 Eoghan Sweeney
1:18:23 Kenneth French
1:19:51 Matthew Griffin
1:20:24 Mathias Neuber
1:20:55 Kevin Maldonado
1:22:05 Jerry Nadasky
1:23:13 Lonnie Bortman
1:23:33 Todd Lausch
1:24:12 Karl Schipul
1:25:12 Robert Popham
1:27:09 Anthony Graham
1:27:15 Jack DiMaggio
1:28:37 Harris Cohn
1:29:43 Mike Griffin
1:29:52 Tom Nemia
1:31:16 Chao Chen
1:31:24 Phillip Schachter
1:35:47 Cordell Schachter
1:37:45 James Weitze
1:40:45 Gianmarco Ferrante
1:43:37 Lance Hallam