New CMN Poll asks "Where do you call home?"

By Trish Adams
A new poll on the Catskill Mountain News website ( lets readers identify their home base. With more than 15 choices, from around the hills to around the tri-state area and even a “snowbird” connection, the hope is that hardly any readers will have to choose “other.”
Although subscription files could reveal some of this information, this informal poll allows second homeowners and those who are retired to identify their hometown here, if they wish. “There’s nothing legal or binding about it, you can vote for whatever place you feel most at home,” said website coordinator Trish Adams. The poll also helps the News learn which readers are making use of the website to keep up with local news.

Race to the polls – or not!
“We like to keep polls up as long as they are getting hits, so I don’t limit them to a specific time frame,” said Adams. “But the sooner you vote, the sooner you’ll get a new poll. Our next one will be asking you about your favorite news sources.”
Our most recent poll, about web browsers, shows that our News website readers like to keep their technology up-to-date. “A whooping 90 percent of our readers are using current browsers or mobile devices to visit our site,” said Adams.
Another feature Adams will try to build into future polls is an option to email unique responses to her when none of the options fit your situation. “That way our reporting back to you is all that more accurate.”
Web visitors are also encouraged to browse other areas of the site that are now being updated more regularly. “I am now posting most of the press releases about upcoming events and openings in Features, not News. I’m saving the News section mostly for actual news reporting,” said Adams.

Added content
Also, there are not one but three new additions to the Columns section: “Puzzles” (and their solutions), “That’s Entertainment” and “In This Place: Stories of Us from the Archives.”
Right now, in the “Where is Home” poll, Margaretville/Andes is way out in front of everyone else. “Could this imply that those folks are the most well-read and well-informed of all our reader demographics?” speculated Adams, adding, “That will get everyone voting.”
If you have ideas or suggestions for future polls, the website in general, puzzles or archive column topics, please email them to Trish at