New Bed & Bath Shoppe nicely filling a local niche

By Dick Sanford
Having opened their Bed & Bath Shoppe in the Binnekill Square complex on Main Street in Margaretville just prior to Memorial Day, owners Jeff and Elizabeth Warren now look back over the summer and think they’ve found a niche in the local retail market.

Living in New York at the time, Jeff and Elizabeth bought a vacation home on Southside Road in Margaretville five years ago and began to get to know the area as second homeowners. Jeff was working in the city as a self-employed insurance investigator and Elizabeth was working for a “green” company that recycled carpeting.

Avid hikers, their home is located just a few steps from the foot of the state trail that comes into Margaretville off Pakatakan Mountain and the Dry Brook ridge. “We spend a lot of time on that trail, cleaning up litter and keeping an eye on things,” Jeff said.Elizabeth & Jeff WarrenElizabeth & Jeff Warren

As the Warrens spent more time here they began to look for a way to fit into the retail community and make a living. “It occurred to us,” said Jeff, “that there wasn’t a single store on the Route 28 corridor between Kingston and Oneonta that specialized in bed and bath supplies. We now have a store that can save people a lot of driving,” he went on to say.

The Warrens’ Bed & Bath Shoppe was designed to compete with stores like Penny’s and Bed Bath & Beyond that sell similar lines of bed and bath products. “We’ve shopped carefully and filled our store with a wide range of bed and bath products that are both green, made in the United States, and affordable. We understand the need to be price competitive and our love of the outdoors makes us very interested in filling our store with green merchandise,” said Jeff.

A quick look around their modest space reveals a wide selection of items. Sheets and pillowcases, towels, candles, lotions and soaps and scents are but a few of the many items in their inventory. The aroma in their store is a dead giveaway to their product line and lingers when you leave. “We’re open to suggestions and are always on the lookout for new items, especially green items,” said Jeff.

“Business has been steady since we opened and we’ve had lots of repeat customers, which makes us happy,” said Warren, who grew up in Sidney before moving to New York. “We love Margaretville and look forward to being part of its future,” he added.

The Bed & Bath Shoppe is located in the Binnekill Square complex on Main Street in Margaretville and is open daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call the store at 586-1887.