NBDC issues warning about phone call scam

Walton — The National Bank of Delaware County (NBDC) has become aware that some of its customers are receiving automatic phone calls, which claim to be from the bank. The message then goes on to say that the customer’s debit card has been deactivated, and the customer is then prompted to enter his or her card number and pin number to fix the problem.
This is not a legitimate phone call from the bank, and NBDC reminds its customers that it never contacts its customers by phone to request banking information.
If you receive a call, please hang up, and do not respond. If there is a phone number in your caller ID box, please write it down and report it to the Delaware County Sheriff’s office at 607 746-2336 or the office of the New York State Attorney General at 607 721-8771.
If you have received such a call, and have given out your account information, please call your local office of NBDC to report it.