Native Americans host Pow Wow in village

By Joe Moskowitz
Perhaps there were pow wows in Margaretville many years ago, but it is unlikely they would have drawn representatives from so many different tribes . Nearby Mohawks, Lakota Sioux from the West, Incas from South America, and many more.

They all came to Margaretville Pavilion Park Saturday for the Delaware River Bear Circle Pow Wow. A colorful, intertribal gathering where they were able to renew traditions and meet other natives.
One of the organizers is Donald Gibson of Hamden. As with too many Native Americans, he has had difficulty tracing his tribal roots. He takes Pow Wows very seriously. All of the dancers must be “smudged,” burning incense that is waved at them to ward off evil spirits. No pictures are allowed during the first three “tribute” dances.

Subtle differences
The dances, which may appear the same, may mean different things to different tribes. Gibson says he is glad that they could hold this gathering of tribes in Margaretville.

So was Margaretville Mayor Diana Cope. She says it is exciting to have the Pow Wow in Margaretville and said she was glad the weather cooperated.
In addition to the spiritual, cultural, and entertainment aspects, there was money. Most of the vendors were Native Americans.

One of the vendors was Rene Ayres. She is from Richmondville in Schoharie County. She is a member of the Cayuga and Taino tribes. When asked who the Tainos are she said, “we are the people who discovered Columbus.”