Mushroom Factory charge false


To The Editor:
In reply to the manifestos posted in the Catskill Mountain News by Lauren Davis, I feel a strong obligation to the people of the Village of Margaretville to report that his allegations of a “mushroom factory” are false.

Davis will not tell you that the village started eminent domain proceedings after he called the state police to arrest village workers, with the proper permits, when they attempted to restore water flow to a dry Binnekill.

The village was prevented by Davis, for many years, access to the bulkhead and Binnekill. Thousands of fish died because the stream went dry following a lack of action. No doubt, Davis proved his point of ownership of the Binnekill, but with no respect for the loss of life in the stream.

During the eminent domain proceedings and subsequent lawsuits by Davis suing the village for $1 million in damages, the suit was dismissed, Davis referred to himself as an “engineer, experienced in stream management.” Davis was asked many times at public meetings to present his credentials as a “stream engineer.” He could not do so.

The bottom like here is that if Davis would “misrepresent the facts” to gain an advantage in a court of law, he would certainly “misrepresent the facts” to the good people of the Village of Margaretville.

Dave Budin, trustee
of Margaretville