Mother and son charged in local liquor store robbery

A Margaretville man and his mother have been arrested in connection with a smash and grab burglary that happened at approximately 11:40 p.m. on January 14 at the Margaretville Liquor Store.
State police say they have charged Jason P. Tanzer, 30, and his mother, Lisa Tanzer, 52, both of 672 Main Street.
Police say that the burglary incident was first reported to them by Jason Tanzer, who allegedly told them that he happened across the broken window as he was walking home from Margaretville Hospital and that he had no idea who broke the window of how it happened.
Police say that they observed that Tanzer had several scratches and cuts to his left forearm and minor cuts to his right wrist and forearm with glass imbedded in his skin.
Tanzer told police that he had been injured at his home when he was moving items around, slipped and put his arm through a glass window and that he had been transported to Margaretville by his mother for treatment of those injuries.
Police say they questioned two neighbors of the liquor store who reported hearing the glass break but neither could make a positive identification of the subject. One of the neighbors did report seeing a blue Dodge pickup drive down the street moments prior to the break in. Police say the vehicle was identified when it drove by the crime scene as they were investigating and that it was allegedly being driven by Lisa Tanzer.
Police say Tanzer volunteered to take then to his apartment to see where he had been injured and that while going up the stairs to his residence he yelled, “Hide everything illegal, the cops are coming.” Police went on to say that Lisa Tanzer, who was in the residence yelled back, “I am not dressed” to stall their entry.
Upon entry to the apartment, police say they found Lisa carrying a case of Smoking Loon wine and attempting to hide it in the rear bedroom. Police say there was broken glass in the case that matched the broken store window.
According to police, Lisa told them that they were just holding on to the wine, had planned to return it to the liquor store, and that Jason had found it on the street.
Jason was taken into custody and charged with third-degree burglary. Lisa was allegedly combative with police who asked her to meet them at their barracks in Dunraven. She was subsequently arrested and charged with fifth-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, evidence tampering, and governmental obstruction.
Both subjects were arraigned in Town of Middletown Justice Court by Justice Gary Rosa and remanded to the county jail on cash bail to await further court action.