Misrepresentation in CWC story


Catskill Mountain News editor Dick Sanford and writer Geoff Samuels were both eating a little crow last Wednesday after it became apparent that they hadn’t paid close attention to a story in the February 13 issue of the paper written by Jay Braman Jr. In that issue, Braman penned a story about an upcoming (March 15) meeting at the Catskill Watershed Corporation (CWC) that carried the headline, “Flood mitigation strategy tops CWC meeting agenda.”

Writer Samuels attended that meeting and filed a story, which the News led with on the front page of its March 20 edition. In that story, which carried a headline saying, “Loss of home rule feared in (Department of Environmental Protection) DEP’s watershed rules” Samuels made the assertion that the CWC meeting on March 15 had not been previously publicized.

We couldn’t have been more wrong. Not only did the News carry the Jay Braman Jr. story announcing the meeting in its issue of March 13 but the meeting was also announced in a press release to local media. Information about the meeting was also posted on the CWC’s website.

All of us here at the News extend an apology to the CWC for implying that they were anything less than transparent with their meeting notices. It simply wasn’t the case. And, we promise to pay better attention to the content of our own newspaper. Dick Sanford, editor