Miller easily wins primary


By Joe Moskowitz
Middletown Supervisor Marge Miller won a decisive victory over challenger Nelson Delameter in last Tuesday’s Democratic primary, but both Miller and Delameter are aware that the big prize goes to the winner of their November showdown.
Miller easily won Tuesday’s balloting, 164 to 44. “I did what I always do. I worked hard and I didn’t take any voters for granted, Miller told the News. The supervisor said she was pleased with her margin of victory, but noted that it was “just a primary”, and the bigger contest lies ahead.

Turnout hurt challenger
Delameter, who has the Republican Party endorsement, said he was disappointed that there was such a small turnout, 208 out of more than 700 registered Democrats voted, but that he too is gearing up for November. Even if Delameter had won the primary, he and Miller would still have faced each other in the general election, as both will be on the ballot as independents.
Both candidates are aware that times have changed. There are still more Republicans than Democrats in the Town of Middletown, but the ratio is no longer lopsided and there are just about as many independents as there are Republicans, and both pledge to work hard to get those votes.
Miller says she loves her job and that she will run on her record. Delamater says Miller does have an advantage as the incumbent, but he won’t make any promises that he doesn’t know he can fulfill. Delameter says he thinks he has a good reputation in the area and he hopes that will lead him to victory.
Miller told the News that she would like to debate Delameter and that her campaign has extended an invitation to him. Delameter acknowledge he has received the offer, but that his campaign people don’t like the proposed location and don’t think the moderator that has been suggested is impartial. He says he would look forward to a candidate’s forum. But for now, there is a debate over how to conduct a debate.
Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Andes board primary
Democrats in Andes went to the polls last Tuesday and decided that two of the candidates for town board were fit to be tied. And tied they were. Tom Joyce and Dale Cole each finished the balloting with 72 votes. A third candidate, Sam Fundaro, did not campaign actively and finished a distant third with seven votes.
As the top two vote getters in the Democratic primary, Joyce and Cole will face two incumbent Republicans; Marty Liddle and Daniel Grommeck. Of the four candidates, the two who get the most votes in November will be elected to the town board.
Andes Republican Supervisor Martin Donnelley is seeking re-election unopposed. Incumbent Democrat town board members Wayland “Bud” Gladstone and Tom Hall aren’t up for election this year. If either Liddle or Grommeck lose, the Democrats would take control of the town board.
This is Joyce’s first run for public office. Cole narrowly lost in his 2005 bid to unseat Donnelly.