Mikhail Horowitz and Giles Malkine perform at ASHC event Saturday


The inimitable duo of Mikhail Horowitz and Gilles Malkine is returning to Andes and will be performing at the Pleasant Valley Meeting House on the Tremperskill and Bussey Hollow on Saturday, Aug. 2 at 7 p.m. The performance is sponsored by the Andes Society for History and Culture.
Fans of long-standing will be sure to travel distances to enjoy an evening of polysyllabic satirical madness set to music. Presenters say those not prone to frequent smiling can be seen holding their sides when subjected to the antics of this team. If you’ve never had this anomalous experience, come and be dazzled.
Their own release reads: “Loudly condemned in every county of the Catskills, performance poet Mikhail Horowitz and musical misnomer Gilles Malkine will brave another lynch mob on August 2. True to formlessness, the duo will perpetrate their literary parodies, folk-music spoofs, and inspired excoriations of the clowns in power. Be there, or be dodecahedronal!”
You have been forewarned! Picnic on the grounds beforehand. The audience is invited for light refreshments afterwards in the dining hall. Admission is $10. No reservations are necessary. The Pleasant Valley Meeting House is about five miles from the hamlet of Andes on county Route 1, the Tremperskill Road.