Middletown judge appeals his suspension

By Joe Moskowitz
Town of Middletown Judge Glen George has decided to appeal a ruling that would remove from the bench but he has now been suspended, pending the outcome of that review.
George, as previously reported in the Catskill Mountain News, was declared unfit to serve as a judge in the State of New York by the Commission for Judicial Conduct.

Where it started
The ruling stems from George’s dismissal of a seat-belt ticket that was issued to a former employer and friend, Lynn Johnson of Arkville. Eight members of the panel voted to remove George from the bench. One did not vote, but in the dissenting opinion, two members of the commission said the penalty was too harsh.

George agreed with the dissenting opinion and is seeking a review by the New York State Court of Appeals.

On May 30, the Commission on Judicial Conduct suspended George with pay until the Court of Appeals makes its decision. However, a commission spokesperson says it usually takes nine months to a year for the court to rule on such cases, and by that time George will probably have already retired. Before the commission said he was unfit to serve, he had announced that he would not seek reelection in November.

Meanwhile, the Town of Middletown must continue to pay his salary of about $300 a week, and Judge Gary Rosa will continue to hear all of the cases, as George is officially still a judge.