Middletown GOP mulls backing Democrat

By Joe Moskowitz
The Town of Middletown Republican Committee is considering backing a registered Democrat for the office of town supervisor.

Arkville resident Nelson Delamater, who has already announced that he will challenge incumbent Supervisor Marge Miller in September’s Democratic primary, is a candidate to gain the GOP endorsement within the next week.

Committee Chairman Chuck Freas told the News that Middletown Republicans have no candidate of their own, but says there is no reason they cannot endorse Delameter, even though he is a registered Democrat.

The Republicans, Freas says, are prepared to take this unusual step because he says he was at the May town board meeting where Supervisor Miller, “deceived the town board by her silence.” He was referring to her involvement in an unauthorized change in Middletown’s Sewer Use Law.

Admitted change
Last week, the News reported that Miller, and Attorney Kevin Young, during a June meeting, admitted to changing the wording of the law after determining it was within their legal authority to do so, but after the town board had failed to approve the change.

He says he hasn’t personally met Delameter, but will do so within the next few days. Freas says he has heard good things, but he and other members of the committee need to speak with him and, “size him up” before deciding whether to give him the endorsement.

Independents, too
Both Delamater and Miller are running as independents, so even if Miller were to lose the Democratic primary, she would still be on the ballot in November. And if Delameter loses the primary, he would still be on the ballot as an independent, and possibly as a Republican as well.
Asked for a comment, Supervisor Miller chose not to discuss either the sewer law issue or Delameter’s possible endorsement. She told the News that she looks forward to debating him on the issues. And she says she is not running against him. Miller says she is running for the job that she has held for the past two years.