Merry Christmas to all celebrants


To The Editor:
I am writing to address a growing trend in America, to which Margaretville Central School is no exception. I call that trend “The second killing of Christ.”

Margaretville Central School recently decorated the main lobby for the holidays. The decorations consist of: garland, a decorated tree with lighted presents under it, a “Happy Holidays” banner, a menorah, a Hannukah tinsel fountain and two happy Hannukah banners. Nowhere does it say Merry Christmas.

It has come to my attention that they aren’t allowed to put up anything that says Merry Christmas. I am not a religious “fanatic.” In fact, I have not been to church in several years. I am not writing to start trouble, I am not writing to have all decorations removed. In a community that is predominately Christian, I am merely asking for an acknowledgement of the Christmas that many of us share.

It saddens me and angers me at the same time. Instead of trying to eradicate Christmas, why don’t we embrace all celebrations of faith? I would like to think that my four-year-old son will get to experience the magical, spiritual feeling behind Christmas that I once felt. It is my opinion that the elimination of “Merry Christmas” is teaching intolerance towards Christianity. Those who find it offensive should look the other way. It is the values that arose from it which founded the principals this country was founded on.

I wish you all a happy, healthy holiday, whatever you celebrate!

Diane Newman,
New Kingston