MCS students earn prizes in Mia Steiner competition

By Julia Green
Margaretville Central School held its annual Mia Steiner awards ceremony on Friday at school. The Mia Steiner Prize Program was established in 1987 through a bequest in the will of Abe Savetman of Halcott Center.
The prizes and awards are named in memory of Savetman’s friend and longtime companion Mia Steiner. Savetman’s intention was to establish a series of prizes and awards for creative student work in a variety of fields in which he and Steiner were interested.

Childhood Awards
Mia Steiner Childhood Awards are similarly awarded annually in five categories to students in kindergarten through sixth grade. Students may enter any number of award categories, and a separate jury of faculty members judge each category.
In the K-2 division of the creative writing competition, Mercedes Conklin won for her entry titled, “Pink Eggs & Ham” while honorable mention recognition went to Dani Misner for her composition titled “The Beautiful Baby Pony Without a Mom.” In the 3-6 division, Mike Hayden won for “Poetry Book” while Rhiannon Kearns received an honorable mention for “Mordaewen and Artard.”
In the social studies and community life category, the K-2 winner was Zac Clark for “Scrapbook Farm Fun.” Honorable mention recognition went to Derek Zellner for his display of an Indian Village. Ian Todd was the winner in the 3-6 division for his entry titled, “Caring for Guinea Pigs.”
Joseph Mauro won the K-2 visual arts competition with his drawing of “Mural on my Bedroom Wall,” while honorable mentions were awarded to Tyler Greenburg for his “Under the Sea” drawing and Kaitlin Garcia for her horse drawing. In the 3-6 division, Sage Finkle’s poster of “Downtown Margaretville” was selected as the winner, while a drawing by Ithay Silva titled, “The Lighthouse” and a book of drawings of odd creatures by Julian Rauter both received honorable mentions.
Rhiannon Kearns was the winner in the 3-6 performance competition for her vocal performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Dan Conroy received honorable mention recognition for his piano performance of “You Are the Sunshine of My Life,” as did Ian Todd for his piano performances of the “Peanuts Theme” and an original composition.

Mia Steiner Prizes
Mia Steiner Prizes are awarded annually in five categories to students in grades seven through 12. In the poetry category, Holly MacDonald won for her collection of three poems mounted on decorative paper.
In the visual arts competition, Amber Hall won for her cartoon collection. Taylor McVitty and Courtney Williamson earned honorable mention recognition for a drawing of a ship and a pastel drawing of Jimi Hendrix, respectively.
Christy Archibald won the literature and creative writing competition for her composition titled, “Prisoner of the Night.”
Jackie Atkin won two Mia Steiner Prizes this year. Her essay on “Women’s Rights in the Middle East” won the social studies competition and her report on Louis Aggazis won the science, math and technology competition.
In the performance category, Tony Lam placed first for his performances of “Hokage’s Funeral” and “Every Heart” on piano. Kory Ancona received honorable mention for her soprano sax and voice performance of “All of Me,” as did Katie Archibald for her vocal performance of “Tonight.”