MCS plans building upgrades and repairs

By Brian Sweeney
The Margaretville Central School District is proposing a building upgrade project that would create a Middle School computer lab and address building repairs.

The project will be the subject of a public vote on Tuesday, March 13 from 2-8 p.m. in the cafeteria.
Superintendent Tony Albanese said the project, if approved, would cost no more than $500,000. He added that the project would not raise taxes because the money is available in the district’s capital reserve fund and from an unexpended EXCEL grant.

If voters pass the proposal, the district anticipates utilizing $424,806 from capital reserves and $75,194 in EXCEL funds.

Superintendent Albanese said that building inspections have shown some building and sewer line settling near the locker rooms that were created as part of an expansion project completed in 2002.
The work would also include ventilation upgrades on the second floor of the original section of the building.

The other major part of the proposal would be creation of a computer lab for the newly reconfigured grade 6-8 middle school.

The MCS superintendent said plans call for turning a storage area in the middle school wing into a dedicated computer lab, including new computer equipment.

“We want to create a really appropriate learning environment for that age group,” he explained. “Learning wise, it will be a very good thing for our kids.”

“We have met with tech committee and teachers about how to best configure the lab and we’ll hopefully meet with students to get their input,” the superintendent said.

Superintendent Albanese said that, if the project is approved, work would also include outfitting the entire school building with wireless computer capabilities.

He indicated that the building repairs would be conducted over the summer and the computer lab would hopefully be operational by next September.

“We’re really excited by these projects. If we get a positive vote, then we will move ahead with pieces and timelines,” he added. “I just think it will help our building. It will just be kind of a gem in what we’re trying to put together for our students.”