May 27, 2009: Personal attacks are not warranted


To The Editor:
In resorting to personal attacks on individuals, the apparent point of her shrill letter of May 30 and, it would seem, of her existence, Rosina Montana has targeted three people of my acquaintance. I would like to say something about them.
Rich Schaedle’s family has been in this area for generations and Rich is well-known in town after town along the Route 28 Corridor. He has long been an activist volunteer for important community concerns, and it wasn’t long ago that he was honored by the Margaretville Hospital Board for his long and distinguished service there. He exemplifies what people mean when they use the phrase “pillar of the community,” and to suggest that he would engage in anything that might “destroy” his community, as Ms. Montana charges, is laughable.
Julie McQuain and John Carney have not been here as long as the Schaedle clan, but then, this is America, where longevity confers no greater prerogative than does wealth or who your father was. They have put down civic roots and worked hard to make their garden grow.  Involved in the affairs of their town and county, these are people who put their money where their mouth is, expending time and effort to advance their beliefs. Montana evidently disagrees with those beliefs. To call McQuain and Carney names is beneath contempt. Besides, if you are going to attack someone, at least spell the name right: it’s Carney, not Kearney, and he is as kind a man as you’ll ever meet.
We’ve heard the personal characterizations Ms. Montana engages in before; sneering phrases like “political vultures” and “the Save the Mountain gang” are reprehensible, while attacks on individuals are inexcusable. They’re what you throw when you know your argument isn’t really very sound.

Susanna Margolis,