May 21, 2008: What next for Dry Brook speeders?


To The Editor:
It is well known that speeding is a problem on Dry Brook Road in Arkville.  For years there have been many complaints to the Delaware County Sheriff and the state police about the chronic speeding on Dry Brook. With the exception of a marked state police car once in a blue moon, nothing has been done to curb it.
The average speed on this small, windy road is about 45-65 miles per hour in the 35 mph zone and these people slow down when the speed zone ends.  At night there have been cars literally drag racing.
There are many kids on the road. This time of year they are riding bikes, playing basketball, etc. Two kids on their bikes have been forced into a ditch to avoid being sideswiped or hit by a car/van or truck.  Kids will be kids, people and kids alike, should not have to watch out for cars, take caution yes, but jump out of the way, no.  
Cars should watch out for kids and people walking. Elderly people used to walk on the roadside but do not feel safe doing this anymore.  It is not the weekenders, though they get all the blame.
People driving on Dry Brook go faster than cars on Route 28.  These people need to use common sense when driving, especially on these little back roads.
Two weeks ago there was a single-car, roll over accident, speeding was allegedly the cause.  Still there has been no attempt to reduce the speeding.
Warm weather is here, school is almost out, people will be out more, what then?

Pat Kitchen,