May 21, 2008: Support needed for Phoenicia efforts


To The Editor:
Since 2003, the Phriends of Phoenicia has been a small group of volunteers dedicated to Main Street beautification in Phoenicia. We plant and tend the public gardens in town, we help maintain Simpson Park and we pick up litter throughout the spring, summer and autumn.
You enjoy our gardens across from the post office, at the Bridge Street entrance to the hamlet, and in Simpson Park. Last fall we planted a new garden along The Boardwalk in Phoenicia.
We are a separate group from the Flower Project, with its hanging baskets and planters, for which we can thank Ted French and SHARP. They do water our flower gardens, fortunately.
If you do enjoy these gardens, would you like to make a small donation for the flowers? We are totally self-funded; we raise the money for the flowers we plant. If many of you could donate just $10 dollars, even $5 dollars, it would be a great gift to your town. We started this group because we wanted to make Phoenicia more beautiful and we love to garden, not because we are good at raising money. You can send a donation to Phriends of Phoenicia, PO Box 278, Phoenicia, NY 12464.
Also, would you like to be a “special projects” volunteer? Sometimes we need extra people for a specific, occasional project. It could be a job like raking leaves, planting flowers, planting bulbs, or filling in for a member who is on vacation. Just give us your name and phone number and/or email, and we will contact you when we have a project, to ask if you are available. You can call 688-7314 to sign up as a special projects volunteer.
We know there are many people who would like to help make Phoenicia more beautiful and we look forward to your support.

Elizabeth Holland Kern,
Phriends of Phoenicia