May 21, 2008: More care needed for bridge issue


To The Editor:
I am responding to Julia Green’s article “Halcottsville bridge plans stir troubled waters” in the April 16 to April 22 edition. My husband and I purchased a home in Margaretville two years ago. While we were looking to settle in this area, as well as some other locations, we came here to look and stayed at Susan’s Pleasant Pheasant Inn. Through Jim Kelly, we made up our minds to settle here. He is the best advocate for the Catskills. Even realtors cannot match his love and fervor for the Catskills’ history, nature, and all its charm and pristine beauty.
We are saddened by what we read from your paper. Surely a compromise can be made to have the bridge and to preserve a historical site and business. The mill is the draw and charm for Halcottsville and deserves more care and considerations by all concerned parties.

Aloyse McClellan,