May 21, 2008: Bike danger, great hospital treatment


To The Editor:
On Saturday we had a bike accident at the railway crossing on Route 30, and while we’re both in pain, we’re grateful to so many people in our community. The nurse practitioner who stopped to make sure David was okay, the man who ran in to call for an ambulance, the trooper who sped to the scene. And then the moment of comedy as he asked where was the car. (There was no car—the accident was caused by the rail tracks.)
There was another moment of both kindness and comedy seeing a volunteer fireman on his way to an old school baseball match in Roxbury directing traffic in his bee-striped socks and knickers.
We want to thank everyone who helped — the volunteer firemen, our neighbors Fred and Teddy Margulies and Mike Porter for bringing home our bikes, as well as Marc Osterweil and Andrew Weiss.
We are most grateful to the EMTs and emergency room staff at Margaretville Memorial Hospital. We can’t say enough about the care we got. They were kind and witty and solicitous in equal measure. David and I wish we knew all their names to thank them personally. We feel lucky to live in a small town where neighbors care, and even luckier that the small town has a hospital so close by. If anything, we also hope our accident serves as a cautionary tale.
Last year I saw the aftermath of a bike accident in the exact same location at the track crossing, and the hospital staff say they get at least one or two bike or motorcycle accidents a year from that spot. Hopefully, people will walk their bikes over the crossing and maybe the Delaware and Ulster Railway will even consider improving the tracks for bikes, or at least putting up a sign to warn of the dangers.

Jennifer Kabat and David Rainbird,