May 20, 2009: Wasteful spending should be stopped


To The Editor:
I was the recent recipient of a mailing from Assemblyman Clifford Crouch. I noted that the flyer was courtesy of the New York State Assembly, which means it was sent to me via Assemblyman Crouch’s franking privilege, allowing him to send informational mailings with taxpayer money.
The sole purpose of this mailing was for Assemblyman Crouch to blast the budget cuts made by the “New York City” Democratic leadership, stating they just “don’t get it.” What Mr. Crouch fails to understand are the underlying problems that led to the difficult choices necessary to close the biggest budget deficit in New York State history. Thanks to several years of Republican mismanagement, specifically the removal of banking regulations to better allow for the markets to “do what they like” has had a direct impact on the residents of this state. Note the word “state;” not “upstate” and not “downstate,” but all of New York State. 
The woes of the Empire State will only be solved if we work together collectively, acknowledge the mistakes of the past, and quit pointing fingers.
Mr. Crouch, please use our tax dollars in a responsible way, because such wastefulness just adds to our recession woes. Furthermore, instead of posturing and complaining, find ways to become part of the solution.

Cynthia Lockrow-Schimmerling,
Delaware County Democratic Chairwoman