May 14, 2008: Impressions of the public meeting


To The Editor:

Having gone to the meeting at BOCES on Saturday which was supposedly to get people’s impression on the environmental impact of the wind turbines that are proposed for the area, it must be said that the antiwind turbines people were out in force and most of what was said was the same old rhetoric.

One of the first things of course was the noise. My response to that is, I would like to invite anyone to come to my house and listen to the traffic on Rte. 23, which is guaranteed to be louder than the wind turbines at a lot shorter distance.
Someone else was worried about the impact of the wind turbines’ effect on their springs, maybe they should consider the impact of more houses being built that have to have wells. In other words the more water being used the lower the water table will be and good bye springs.

The division among the people over this project was mentioned. We already have that division here as in you can pick your friends but not your neighbors. Health problems in France were also mentioned and the fact that they did away with the wind turbines, because of it. No one mentioned that fact that France replaced the wind turbines with nuclear power.

The owner of Plattekill Ski resort is worried about the impact on the skiers. That makes me wonder if he has ever been to Jimini Peak ski resort, where they have their own wind turbines and are considering putting up a second one after having a very good season in regards to the amount of skiers that went there.

Many times it was mentioned about the tourism and the weekenders who are coming here. My first question is where can these tourists stay when they get here, to my knowledge there is certainly a shortage of places to stay. My second question is what is the environmental impact, such as on the land fills, power grid etc. of a conservative figure of at least 500 more houses in these same townships in the same life span of 20 years.

Jim Hitchcock,