May 14, 2008: Great care at Margaretville Hospital


To The Editor:

Approximately one month ago, I admitted my dad to Margaretville Memorial Hospital (MMH) for rehabilitation after three months of hospitalization in a downstate hospital. Many of the staff downstate were bewildered with this decision, thinking that a larger facility was better. Knowing differently we made the move and a few days ago he came home.

My dad is still very ill and is presently homebound, receiving 24-hour care, but three months ago we all thought that we were going to lose him. So why Margaretville? Because smaller is often better!

Large hospitals have their place when specialized medicine is needed but for someone that is chronically ill or rehabilitating, there is nothing better than good nursing. We have a healthcare gem in our midst that we often take for granted. Those who work at Margaretville Memorial Hospital (MMH) are top notch caregivers that give their heart and soul to their work. In this day of healthcare consolidation and the streamlining of services, it is easy to forget the human part of caring for the ill. The changes at our hospital may be helping the overall bottom-line as it influences the fiscal health of the Kingston Healthcare Consortium but how does that affect our community? Community hospitals take care of a community and the community must take care of its hospital. We should frequently recognize the work that is done by those who have selected healthcare as a career path, being willing to help all of us stand back up when we have fallen down.

Thank you MMH staff, you saved my dad’s life when a bigger hospital was letting him slip away!

Tom O’Brien,