Margaretville's Main Street Bridge streets scheduled to open on Friday

By Pauline Liu
For the second time in as many weeks, the Village of Margaretville and the New York State Department of Transportation (DOT) will try to reopen Bridge and Main streets in Margaretville.
The goal is to return traffic flow almost back to normal. There is one condition in reopening the streets. They will remain closed to truck traffic. At press time on Tuesday, Middletown Code Enforcement Officer Pat Davis was in the midst of making arrangements to reopen Main Street on
Thursday, Nov. 3 and Bridge Street on Friday, Nov. 4.

According to Davis, it largely depends on whether or not the county and DOT can remove the Jersey barriers as planned. “The barriers on Main Street will be removed on Thursday by the county’s Department of Public Works and DOT will remove the barriers on Bridge Street on Friday, first thing in the morning,” said Davis. “So Bridge Street will reopen first thing that morning.” Davis explained that no specific time has been set for the streets’ reopening.

Last Saturday’s Nor’easter played a role in the delay, since the street would have required plowing,
As for reopening Main Street, engineer Paul Gossen of Vega explained that the last two flood-damaged buildings were in the process of finishing up their stabilization efforts. The work was expected to be finished by Wednesday. “Part of the delay was that their basements had not been cleared, so that took a little bit of time,” said Davis.

Main Street businesses have been looking forward to the return of traffic to the village. Many were so concerned about the lack of business activity in Margaretville, that they began holding events to attract visitors, including a community car wash and a farmers’ market.”

We felt that something needed to happen quickly to help drive traffic to Main Street or more businesses would close due to the economics after the flood,” said artist Jill Cline. “This was a grass-root attempt at getting businesses to work together to help each other.”