Margaretville students traveled to Spain

By Brian Sweeney
A group of eight Margaretville students and two chaperones enjoyed a trip to Spain from July 2-9.
The trip was arranged by the Margaretville Student Travel Club and included visits to art museums, historic sites and several famed soccer stadiums.

The travelers also enjoyed a day at the beach in Barcelona, with a swim in the Mediterranean. Another unusual experience was taking flamenco dance lessons and then enjoying a show by dance professionals.

The group spent four days in Barcelona, three days in Madrid and a brief period in Zurich, Switzerland. Making the trip were: Mike Conroy, Dan Conroy, Mitch Hull, Ryan Sanford, Elia Tanzer, Megan Mauro, Katelyn Mauro and Cora Martin.

Margaretville math instructor Beth Tanzer heads the travel club, which is not affiliated with the school. Last year, she took a group of students to Beijing, China. For this year’s trip, Mrs. Tanzer said the students were interested in visiting a Spanish speaking country, since all of them have studied the language and there are many families in local communities who speak Spanish.

Different world
Despite having studied the language, Mrs. Tanzer said the students quickly realized that conversing in real life was a far different form of communication than in the classroom.
In addition to the overall learning experience provided by foreign travel, Mrs. Tanzer said she really enjoys when students are called upon to use their math skills when exchanging dollars for foreign currency.

The trips are offered to any Margaretville Central School students in grades 8-12. Students must pay their own way, but Mrs. Tanzer is able to obtain competitive rates through a company specializing in student trips.

Making plans
She noted that the Margaretville Student Travel Club meets periodically throughout the year to review information for upcoming trips. The group also holds several fund-raisers to defray the cost of travel to the airport and similar expenditures.

She said that planning is already underway for a trip to Costa Rica next summer. In contrast to the China and Spain excursions which focused primarily on historic sites, the Costa Rica expedition will offer a lot of adventure, including rafting, a canoe trip, a visit to hot springs and volcanoes and the thrill of a zip line ride.

“For this type of trip, you don’t need to get your hair ready everyday – you just go with the flow,” Mrs. Tanzer laughed.

She indicated that notices will be posted at the school in September for anyone interested in signing up for the trip to Costa Rica.

Good for the kids
No matter what the destination, Mrs. Tanzer said that these trips are a great experience for the students.

“It offers the kids a really good opportunity,” she noted.

Mrs. Tanzer said she took over club leadership duties from former Margaretville teacher Alan Seidman after he retired. He led students on trips to Costa Rica, the Galapagos Islands and Puerto Rico.