March 5, 2008: Not just junk


To The Editor:

While we understand the emotions behind one Fleischmanns resident’s letter to the editor last week, we feel compelled to respond to the negative sentiments about our little village.
Certainly having junkyards in Fleischmanns does nothing to enhance its natural beauty and character. But why anyone would think an organization such as Fleischmanns First, or in fact any organization made up of volunteers, whose aim is to benefit the village and its residents, should be vilified is beyond understanding.
There are many such organizations and groups working in Fleischmanns. We have the new guys on the block Fleischmanns First and the Mountain Athletic Club. Then there is the long-standing Fleischmanns Revitalization Committee which not only does the seasonal decorations and flower barrels, but also tackles larger projects like making our playgrounds safer and other renovation projects. There is the Fleischmanns Community Church which puts on some fabulous dinners and bake sales as well as community oriented programs. And let’s not forget the Fleischmanns Volunteer Fire Department and the various committees supporting the village board.
I think there are a lot of us out there who would agree that Fleischmanns is a whole lot more than the sum of its junkyards.

Jeanine and Todd Pascarella,