March 31, 2010: Reject governor's health care plans


To The Editor:
I am urging everyone in our community to contact their legislator asking them to reject Governor Paterson’s proposal to impose new health care provider taxes and cuts.
Once again, the Governor is relying on hospitals, nursing homes, and home care providers to resolve the state’s budget shortfalls. Please protect our local economy, preserve jobs in our community, and ensure that our neighbors will continue to have access to vital health care services when they need them most.
Margaretville Hospital and Mountainside Residential Care Center are a great healthcare resource in this area and we are very fortunate to have accessibility to their services. In addition, they are one of the economic engines in our community, employing more than 240 people and bringing nearly $5 million in salaries into our community each year. If the hospital cannot sustain the more than $100,000 in reductions from the governor’s budget proposal, the impact will be felt by all of us.
Our hospital is just one example of many throughout the state. The governor's proposed taxes and cuts would undermine care in our community and many others. Health care services will suffer, and so will we. It's that simple. So please, in these last hours before the state budget is completed, call or e-mail your representatives and urge them to consider the health care services in the communities throughout their district, and reject the governor's taxes and cuts.

Sue Adams
Past President and Special Projects Chair
Margaretville Hospital and Mountainside Residential Care Center Auxiliary