March 31, 2010: Educational system is destroyed


To The Editor:
America’s public schools, before they were hijacked and destroyed by liberals and progressives, along with their allied comrades, the atheistic Marxists, existed for the purpose of helping our children to explore their heritage, culture and the glorious history of our nation and to become better citizens for it.
Likewise, colleges and universities were there to prepare and produce well-rounded, cultured individuals who would emerge from the Groves of Academe to become assets and benefactors to our nation and fellow countrymen, either in the professions, the business world, or in the fields of arts and sciences. Since these purposes have now been subverted and their education derailed by those pushing an alien and treasonous left-wing agenda, could our nation and our people have any greater enemies than these traitors who are now hiding amongst us in our school systems?
Since the end of World War II, more than two generations of our youth, struggling through our educational systems, have been exposed and subjected to a veritable plethora of subversive Marxist propaganda to placate those “progressive educrats” pushing their destructive multicultural and diversity agendas. It was in our high schools and colleges that the counter-culture revolution of the 1960s was born, shaping the attitudes of our youth to develop a collective mindset antithetical to traditional Americanism and to our historical value system. To this day artists, actors, playwrights and directors of the entertainment and news media are almost all on the Marxist left, skillfully camouflaged and now masquerading as “liberals” or “progressives” (both peas inside the same Marxist pod) working to brainwash, deceive and lie to the American people. Beginning in the ’60s, there has been a far-left population explosion among the creators of culture and shapers of thought — intellectuals, social critics, teachers, journalists, writers, bureaucrats, even Ministers in our Christian churches and all of them, it must be emphasized, were the products of this diseased, subversive milieu generated by this left-wing system of “progressive education.” All of this, of course, is nothing more than another abhorrent example of “Cultural Marxism,” the name given to that philosophy that wishes to radically change and destroy American society by subverting every facet of our culture, our national heritage and especially the education of our youth.
Today, as high schools and universities diversify their faculties to demonstrate their commitment to multiculturalism, equality and diversity our children are, in many instances, being “taught” their own history, culture and heritage by alien minorities. Halls of Fame have thus been converted into halls of shame and groveling apologies for slavery are the measure of the steady, cultural Marxist encroachment and takeover of our educational system by these minority aliens, alien to the true spirit of OUR America.
But just wait a minute: Why worry about this when there are things of much greater importance, such as how some slack-jawed Neanderthal can advance an inflated piece of leather from one end of a playing field to the other before thousands of screaming, frenzied spectators who would compare favorably with the Roman mobs in the Coliseum?
Sadly, many Americans, absorbed as they are in materialistic pursuits, could care less about what is happening to our dysfunctional education system. Not until the cumulative weight and influence of such actions upon our civilization begins to threaten their possessions and pleasures in a most immediate and personal way, will we witness an awakening to what has happened to our country in the name of “academic freedom,” “equality,” “multiculturalism,” and “diversity.”
Perhaps there will be time enough, before our trip on the Titanic ends, to bring to the bar of supreme accountability those who, indeed, have helped to destroy our educational system and poison the minds of our youth with their treasonous egalitarian Marxist utopian fantasy worldview.

E.O. England,