March 26, 2008: Save a life


To The Editor:

To all in our very caring community, please help us save Dylan Utter’s life. Dylan is a two-year-old victim of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). Dylan is unable to crawl, walk and on “bad days” holding his head up is a chore for him. Dylan lives in Roxbury with his parents Erica and Fred Utter, also his one-year-old sister Caylin.
Fred works full time at Titan Drilling in Arkville. Erica is a stay at home mom, as Dylan’s health involves constant attention.
SMA causes the cells in the spine to die off, which causes weakened and loss of muscle control. Due to this muscle weakness, Dylan’s diaphragm is weakened which causes constant lung infections, congestion, breathing treatments and often long stays at the pediatric intensive care unit in Albany Med. Dylan comes home on oxygen and requires other equipment to breathe when even catching a cold. This disease is progressive with no promising hope of good treatment or a cure in the United States.
Erica and Fred Utter are getting treatment for Dylan out of the country, with promising results to stop the progression of the disease and save his life. We are asking for donations however small, to help with this treatment. All of us living in this small community have already felt the pain of losing a child within the past year. We have complete confidence in the community and that everyone will do whatever can be done to save Dylan’s life.
Donations may be made to the Delaware National Bank of Delhi in Arkville or to the N.B.T. Bank to help with his treatment in Dylan’s name. Also, contributions may be sent to Erica & Fred Utter in Dylan’s name at P.O. Box 379, Roxbury, NY 12474. Your help will be greatly appreciated more than you can ever know. We will be holding fund-raisers soon and will be posting flyers.
For anyone interested in helping, you can call Lisa George at 607 326-7845 or Heidi Sass at 607 326-7343.
There will be pictures of Dylan with donation canisters available at many local convenience and food stores. Thank you everyone for all of your loving and caring consideration on Dylan’s behalf.

Lisa George and Heidi Sass,