March 25, 2009: Zoning amendment is obnoxious


To The Editor:
Well, de-ja-vu!
Remember the 400-plus-concerned Shandaken citizens who came forward to tell that comprehensive committee just where the bear was? Well, it’s time to rise up again! The proposed local law to amend chapter 116 of the zoning law of the Town of Shandaken to regulate farm stands is obnoxious at best!
This messing around with rules and regulations to satisfy a few disgruntled nay-sayers, political/personal disagreements and determined humans (and I use that term loosely) to make sure that our town, the Town of Shandaken, dies completely —New York City is jumping up and down, as is the state. They’re getting closer to turning this area into another reservoir. It’s going to take a whole lot of Westchester County transplants to pay the taxes required to keep the services going when there’s no more business’ to help. We hope they have deep pockets!
For those of us who were born, raised and have lived here for nearly 80 years, the burden is getting heavier and heavier without the assistance of “New Business” bringing the tourists here, embellishing their establishments and getting back to the glorious days of thriving hotels, restaurants and business’.
Al Higley has done nothing to warrant the rage emitting from the pens and mouths of some people who think that a “farm stand” is such a threat to their existence.
We are so surprised that this committee wrote this horrendous piece of legislature! If that’s what you can call it, sounds more like an “inquisition!” Let’s tell the “scurrilous committee” that this attempt to stifle yet another positive growth in this area, should be scraped, junked, destroyed and burned, never to raise its ugly head again, nor see the light of another day.
Remember that Compre-hensive Committee who wanted to shut off all lighting “to protect” the pristine skies, well how about that? Back to the “farm stand” —what’s the problem with selling a cold soda to customers on a hot, steamy day? Come on!
Parking — Churchgoers park on the sides of the road, birthday/graduation/holiday parties spill out on that precious Route 28. Hey, town board, why can’t you put some efforts into really disastrous, defunct facilities such as the hell-hole on Co. Rt. 47 in Oliverea, that we’ve been begging you to do something about for five years or more. Oh, but that’s not on Route 28, never mind that the visitors traversing Oliverea Road to the various hotels and Frost Valley, have to witness this ugly scene and reflect that the town administration could care less for the appearance of our “beautiful town,” oops, we almost forgot, you’re busy with Phoenicia!
In summation, any attempt by anyone to bring a money-making business to this town, or try to encourage growth that would enhance our financial well-being, is immediately squashed. This present town board does not want growth in this town! Remember the fight to get the Phoenicia Diner here and how about the fight to get the Phoenicia Plaza here as well, both fights due to fear of competition, but that was years ago and it’s fight time again!

Jane and John Rossitz,