March 25, 2009: Who will pay if resort is built?


To The Editor:
In reply to Crossroads’ PR director’s letter last week, we ask, how dare she question Susana Margolis’ sense of reality? To quote the Crossroads’ spokesperson,  “The State of New York will not be investing a single penny in a private enterprise related to Crossroads Ventures, and the Belleayre Resort.”
What about the hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars spent already on the SEQR process?
Consider the enormity of the storm water runoff of the Crossroads project.  The storm water drains will be numerous and will have to tie into a sewer line four- to six-inches in diameter running right down county Route 49A.  This is a county road.  Who will pay for this?  This sewer system, including raw sewage from the top of the mountain Spa Resort, will then be constructed across state land to tie in to the Pine Hill sewage treatment plant.  Who will pay for that?
The ski-in-ski-out aspects of this proposed joint venture are enormous, with new chair lifts to service the private resort, new trail building, the engineering of water and air lines for door-to-door snowmaking and so much more, all to be paid for by whom?
The list of expenses the taxpayers will have to pay for is huge.
Not even considered is  the personal burden the people who use this road to travel to and from work will have to endure.  It is the PR person’s sense of reality that should be reevaluated.  This project cannot be done without taxpayer money and cooperation.
The truly sad commentary is how Crossroads tries to mislead, misinform and hide facts. Has anyone seen sketches of the 19 ridge-top buildings or any of the Spa Resort?
Scott Gould and Beverly Rainone,
Residents on Route 49A, Highmount