March 25, 2009: Medical services are truly essential


To The Editor:
This was our first experience calling the Roxbury Rescue Squad and being administered to by the Margaretville Emergency Room staff. We did not realize how valuable and helpful the members are to our community. They are truly dedicated and a much needed asset to all. All of our town’s people should think about how necessary and needed the Roxbury Rescue Squad is to our community.
We began to wonder about the many citizens (including businesses that frequently depend on these services) who read the letters from the Roxbury Fire Department asking for donations to help keep the Roxbury Rescue Squad and the Fire Department in operation. Did they reply with a much needed donation or did they just ignore the letter and toss the same in the trash? That day, March 4, will always be a date that we will keep in our minds. The day that the Roxbury Rescue Squad and the personnel in the Margaretville Hospital Emergency Room made our family realize that their medical expertise is truly essential in providing emergency care that will save the life of a loved one. We will be eternally grateful!

Phil and Barbara Finch and family,