March 25, 2009: Congressional vote in your hands


To The Editor:
It is good that we have two candidates from which to choose in the upcoming March 31 election to fill Kirsten Gillibrand’s seat in Congress. Their divergent views on the value of the unborn and marriage gives the voters a clear choice and makes it easy for them to make the correct decision.
Mr. Tedisco has consistently voted against using your precious tax money to destroy the unborn who could become our country’s future taxpayers, leaders, etc. He also supports protecting marriage as the union of one man and one woman so that we would not be faced with a judicial decision saying marriage could be one man and at least two women, or vice versa, or anything else.
Mr. Murphy, as of March 19, has not made up his mind as to what marriage is all about. Also, for some reason, Mr. Murphy does not seen to be aware of the fact that abortion denies our country of those who could be of service to carry on our country’s future, or even perhaps to care for us in our old age.
The future is now in your hands, voters.

David Scudder,