March 17, 2010: Enjoying fame from Oscar connection


To The Editor:
The staff at The Roxbury Arts Group has been enjoying its five minutes of reflected fame from the Oscar awarded to Elinor Burkett and Roger Ross Williams in the short documentary category for “Music by Prudence.”   We feel as though we were there at the beginning because we sponsored Burkett and Williams for  a NYSCA Individual Artist Grant application, which was funded.  
We had the great joy of hosting Liyana here to a capacity crowd and we’ve followed the progress of the project as it evolved.  Elinor responded to our congratulations by writing, “This film was born in Zimbabwe, but it was nurtured in the Catskills and would never have seen the light of day without the embrace of The Roxbury Arts Group. Artists who live and work in urban areas can tap into the support of dozens of organizations that sponsor creative work and give them a home. We don’t have dozens; but we don’t need dozens. We have RAG. What a blessing!”
  We are proud to have been a part of an important film about how art transcends adversity even at the most extreme level.

The staff of The Roxbury Arts Group